Review Policy and Contact Information

This is a policy and guideline presented to potential authors and publishers requesting a book review.

Fiction genres we review most include: fantasy, historical, romance, chick-lit, contemporary, mystery, suspense thriller, horror, sci-fi, crime, religious and young adult

Non-Fiction genres we review most include: biography/memoirs, humor/gift books, relationships/dating, religion/spirituality, true adventure/true crime, juvenile, and women’s issues.

**No genre is off limits, however, if we do not have a reviewer willing to review your genre we will inform you via e-mail and discuss options from there.**

Other criteria that will disallow review: Any work over 800 pages and short stories

Please keep the following in mind when submitting your work for review:

  • We like to give each piece submitted the attention it deserves. Once we have received and accepted the selection (including a copy of your manuscript) for review the ETA on your review will be 7-21 days depending on the length of the piece.
  • When works are submitted you will receive an email notification of approval for review. The ETA turn around review time will begin once the approval email is sent.
  • Works submitted for book or blog tours will take first priority in review turn around time. If you are requesting a review for a tour please send your work as early as possible. Please annotate this when submitting your work for review.
  • Reviews are on a first sent/first received basis. I will get to your piece as soon as possible but please be patient if you do not receive an approval notification immediately as many works are being submitted simultaneously.
  • You will receive email notification of the review publish date and link as soon as it becomes available.

What You Can Expect To See In A Review and From A Review:

  • Book Cover Art (please provide when submitting for review)
  • Title
  • Author
  • Genre
  • G, PG, R or X rating based on content, language and format
  • Links to purchase the book (this is on hold during this time as we will be adding this feature to our new website)
  • Short Summary of Plot
  • Review Artists’ personal review
  • Book rated on our scale of shelve it, like it, want it, need it or love it
  • If your submission receives a need it or love it rating it will be added to the Favorite Blender Ingredients page. If you submit multiple works and receive favorable reviews you have the chance to be the Literary Blender’s Featured Author for 30 days.
  • If you have a website as a writer it will be included on the Author Links page with a short synopsis of the type of books you write and titles you have written.
  • If the book has a website it will be added to the Book Links page
  • If you wish to have your publisher added to the Publisher Links page please annotate that when submitting your work
  • If you wish to have other media included in your review such as video or sound, please provide it for me.
  • Cross posting of my review to If you wish for the review to be posted on other sites you will need to proved the sites to me upon submission. I am also a member of, BookSneeze and LibraryThing.

Content Rating System:

  • G – book content and language suitable for children ages 10 and up
  • PG – book content and language suitable for children 13 and up. This rating indicates mild expletives, sexual content, and/or violence present
  • R – book content suitable for readers ages 18 and up. This rating indicates strong expletives,  sexual content, and/or violence present.
  • X – book content suitable for readers ages 18 and up. This rating indicates overwhelming amounts of expletives, sexual content and/or gruesome violence.

A Note About Literary Blender Reviews:

Literary Blender Reviews reflects the review artists’ personal opinions and are subjective in nature. Although we are not certain to love or even like every piece of work read we promise to give a fair and honest review without insult or slander. We make no personal asides to the authors and only review the literary works themselves. We not only review works submitted but also review our personal reading selections.

We do not sell or give away ARC copies submitted for review although they will be given to other review artists that review for the LMB. If you would like to give away copies of your work through Literary Blender as part of a tour or promotion please annotate it when submitting your work for review and details will be discussed once we have accepted your submission for review.

All of the material published on Literary Blender is copyrighted. Please contact us directly if you wish to use any articles published on the LMB.

We are able to do blog tours, all you need to do is tell us! We are open to author interviews and promotions.

Please use the form below to contact us with your request for submission. We will contact you to receive your manuscript and/or cover art should your submission become approved for review by the LMB review artists’.


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