Literary Links

Book Retailers

  • Amazon – over thousands of books for purchase in hard copy and e-reader formats.
  • Wal-Mart – narrow selection and no e-reader sales but convenient for popular title purchases.
  • Smashwords – hard copy and e-reader books for free or below $10 on average by indie authors and publishers. Carries no mainstream titles or authors.
  • Barnes and Noble – mortar and brick book store that sells hard copy and e-reader literature as well as other forms of media, games, writing tools and gifts.

Literary Community Sites

  • LibraryThing – a complete cataloging site for writers, readers, publishers, libraries and reviewers to come together to discuss and recommend literature. Literary database consists of, over 690 libraries, as well as cross continental archives.
  • BookBundlz – an online networking of book clubs. Start your own, join an existing and share your point of view. BookBundlz also has a book store that uses as it’s search engine.

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