About The Review Artists

Allorah – Administrator&RA

I am a devout consumer of literary works and avid reader. I read books in paperback, hardback and e-reader formats. My favorite genre is supernatural/urban fantasy fiction but I read a variety of books encompassing many genres of both fiction and non-fiction. Some say I have a gift for communicating through written word but I say I just write the way I speak and the general population thinks. Literature can take you to far off places, bring you back down to earth or change your perspective. Do yourself a favor, become a book worm!

KatyKaty – Review Artist

I’m an obsessive bibliophile with a curiosity about many things; I devour books and information.  Some of my obsessions include ancient societies – especially the Celts and Egyptians – and vampires.  I read all sorts of books – about the only genre I don’t like it romance.  I can be found all over the place – Goodreads, Shelfari, Amazon – leaving my reviews like a trail of breadcrumbs to be followed back to my library.  You can also find me posting many of those reviews, as well as other content, at Katy’s Babblings. When I’m not reading a book or editing a book, I can be found in Athens, GA spoiling my cats.


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