Castles, Adventure and Demons Loving Angels

Title: The Unborn

Author: Suzanne Thomas

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Release Date: 07/20/2011

Content Rated: R

Purchase:  Smashwords

Review By: Allorah

Synopsis: After guarding the fortress that protects his family’s land for hundreds of years, unborn demon Herald is summoned by his father Stefan to abandon his post to stand watch over an angel his father has captured in a quartz crystal. A strange turn of events leads Herald to fall in love with the angel, challenge his father’s rule, and fend off demon hunters.

Blender Review: The Unborn is a historical fantasy that will take your mind back to a time even before the medieval era. The story is told mainly from the point of view of Herald, and unborn demon who falls in love with his polar opposite, an angel, that his father is holding captive in a quartz rock. Herald names the Angel Acarna and is determined to be with her, even if that means he has to wait to see her once every one hundred years. Herald must find a way to break Acarna free of her cage whilst not letting his homeland be destroyed by her release. The story takes the reader through the couples’ meeting, courtship, and all of the problems that come with an Angel and Demon being united.

The Unborn has an intricate plot that requires full attention, lest you get lost. The book is broken down into three parts. The plot is semi-developed and the book seemed more like three editions of a series rather than one story with a consistent flow. The author also skips vast amounts of time throughout the books and the course of one-hundred years is left without explanation. I would have enjoyed reading this more if each of the parts of the story were elaborated on and made into editions of a series.The authors’ use of visual adjectives and descriptions are superb; making the reader able to picture what places, people and events should look like if the book were a movie.

The character development was, again, semi-complete. The reader will get to know the personal details of the characters but not as much of their background. The under development of the characters’ backgrounds leads the reader to question the motives behind the characters’ actions and thoughts at times.

Overall The Unborn could be an epic tale if it were elaborated upon and made into a series. If you like the historical fiction genre, you will enjoy the story and characters alike.

Literary Blender Rating:  Like It!


3 thoughts on “Castles, Adventure and Demons Loving Angels

  1. Don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but this one got lumped into the same category with Lis Wiehl’s Waking Hours. They’re just a little different, yeah? ^_^

    Thanks for the review by the way.
    Got one bitty niggle: it isn’t set before the medieval era (ie: before the 5th century), but during. It’s not mentioned, I know, but based purely on a technical thing: steel swords weren’t common until the 10th century. Just pointing it out before some historical nut pops by with a rant.
    Although I always pictured it being somewhere in the 15th/16th century, if you want to see it as set in Late Antiquity … I can’t exactly stop you. ^_^ Hmm, now I’m picturing them in togas.

    FYI, it was originally written as three stories which is why it appears that way.

  2. Your FYI makes perfect sense and that is how I read it (as 3 short stories). I wasn’t sure exactly what century it was placed in but the way it was described it sounded like, and my brain pictured, that it was just before the medieval era. Sorry about tags and the categories, they have been corrected.

    • That’s the thing with imaginations, not everyone’s the same no matter the story.
      Like I said, just pointing it out before someone does a whine about how that “can’t be possible”. ^_^

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